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斧斤以时入山林,材木不可胜用也。-- 孟子

what would the point of living be if we don't let life change us. -- "Mr. Carson" from "downton abbey"

Cogito ergo sum -- I think, therefore I am
Esse est percipi -- to be is to be perceived

judge not, that ye be not judged -- Abe Lincoln

I judge people by their principles, not by my own.  -- MLK

By fighting you never get enough, but by yielding you get more than you expected.  -- Dale Carnegie, How to Win Friends and Influence People

beautiful things don't ask for attention -- James Thurber,

There are no bad ideas ... only good ideas that go horribly wrong. -- Jack Donaghy, ‘30 Rock’

To love someone, is to confront them with their own worthlessness. -- Hans von Holch

"Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” -- Dr. Seuss

"Let's think the unthinkable, let's do the undoable. Let us prepare to grapple with the ineffable itself, and see if we may not eff it after all." -- Douglas Adams

恶业由己作,污垢由己染;恶业己不作,污垢己不染;清净由自己,何能由他净?  --(南传)法句经165自己品第十二
By oneself is evil done; by oneself is one defiled. By oneself is evil left undone; by oneself is one made pure. Purity and impurity depend on oneself; no one can purify another. -- Tipitaka-Khuddaka-Dhammapada-Attavagga

A wet man does not fear the rain. 虱子多了不痒,债多了不愁。还是光脚的不怕穿鞋的。

speak softly and carry a big "stick" then you will go far - some indian stuff that Teddy Roosevelt like, learned from "The Roosevelts"

this post is titled untitled

it's been a few years. but I thought it might be a good time to restart this since I've been writing chunks of nonsensicals on my computer anyway. it's not like I have anything to hide but I also don't want to put them on fb.

so I suppose this is going to be a long post of short statements/arguments from what my college collection that cannot be properly categorized further (cuz I can't give well-defined morphisms lol)

we need the snake game on microwave screens

bonobos use sex as resolutions for conflicts;
human use innuendos to express anger/conflicting thoughts or emotions. Ape much?

we should have expandable and modular automobiles in the market as a commodity
we already have developed successful business and service models, but we need to make a migratable physical model to expand the market to all people that purchase not luxury vehicles.

richard ford (jun 26, 2012) on Colbert Report- novels are about the consequences of the human behavior, not the behavior itself. In Beloved, the narratives focuses on how setha lives up to the consequences of her "thickened" love and attempts of escape from the sweet home, rather than just telling the story her escape followed by the "killing".

would I still want to do all the things that "distracts" me if I can be absolutely certain of my ability (achievement-wise and socially-speaking)? i.e. if I know that I can absolutely able to write music like great musicians, would I still want to write music? if I know that I can absolutely be a great painter, would I still want to do it? it seems that human desires have a strong correspondence with the cognitive dissonance of "you think you can but you don't know for sure until you try, therefore you gotta try". uncertainty is crucial to curiosity, which drives interests and motivates actions.
Therefore a potential upside for a strongly homogeneous society is the ease for specialization since everyone can agree they start from the exact same blank slate (so only epi-"genetically" different). But naturally specializations would gradually make its members to grow apart over time, and would this be the reason why death/reproduction is a good idea? (lisa you are tearing me apart!)

pillow chairs with armrests man  _=/\

have a flexible electronic paper t-shirts into ones with patterns/logos of liking.
"magic book" a 100 page full size electronic paper display book that can be transformed into any book with the familiar paper hardcopy feel (why not since we've got magic posters/mirrors already. just need it to be even thinner)

21~22 consonant 11 vowel in Viet
26 consonant 30 vowel in Madarin
22 consonant 20 vowel in English
cool story bro


In order to find the beasts, you have to find the beast in you.


after watching the snowboard short film WHITE-NOISE... I realized that we need to have people to make video game footage from quadrotors and/or headmount gopros so that everyone can enjoy an HQ video game about snowboarding with some insane level of realism. someone's probably trying to do this right meow.

everyone should fight on the paper, but unite in the fields


doing a word search from library checkouts, although inefficient, usually results in more breadth and understanding of the subject as the inquirer had to (at least) skim/filter through much more extra information

tactical t-shirt
front-notebook pouch - expandable into reading friendly angle
back-MSR Dromedary Bag - with hose come out at drinking angle in front

secure (grassroot) radio navigation network
tx power OC tx velocity
fully anoynomous
broadcast (spreaded) tx location <=> use tof of spreading code and received locations to localize
problem lies with how to resolve multiple access
[note from 2014: I should read much more on the current development of multiple target multi-sensor tracking and data fusion]

diffusion is a (mere) statistical phenomenon
=> social equality (diffusion) can only be enhanced when risky behaviors (thermal jitters) are encouraged

nice poem:


sci-fi idea1
a future where people patent physical skill sequences and trade skills in a sense similar to certain video games, due to ability to document neuro-sequences and then translate into training enhancements or even genetic supplements (focus on the ethics, hopefully demonstrate a discrepancy between producer and benefinary)

sci-fi idea2
assume survival till the end of Sun's major sequence, invent some crazy tech/strategy s.t. we need to move the earth to survive the rad giant phase.
I: maybe at a different part of the galaxy s.t. we can use planetary manuvers
II: explosions

with only a body armor that recycles pee, and replaces daily solid wastes, and supplies nutrients through soylent(TM?) [note from 2014: is that still a thing?], you can have a disgustingly efficient and disgusting life

a hyperlapse type project, whereby a paranoma ball camera with trackers, batteries, and security systems is released into either a very populated area or let drift in a river.


all heil the roche limit

Education rid us of arrogance piece by piece. When you realize what an abysmal being you are in comparison to the universe (and all the previous genius), the only thing left to do is to educate others. And doesn't this totally sound like a pyramid scheme?

economics tells me that speculation is productive/beneficial as far as smoothing the market risk(t). Then since specialization increases productivity and efficiency, we should have specialists in speculations. However, since the productive corporations themselves can and do speculate (they can either get an internal market assessment department that specialize in speculating related costs and products, or outsource to an external agency), why do we want companies that profit solely from speculations (not through their speculative services provided)? maybe one reason is that will help to reject monopoly and monopsony in trading and trading activities only.

what would happen to male and female relationship if the pleasure and purpose (reproductive) of sex is deprived.

the key to not being seen is to be unsuspiciously conspicuous

there is no good people or bad people. What we have are people who think and people who don't; people who see right now and people who plan ahead; people who behave smart and people who act clumsy.


the cycle of success:
training/empowerment of self
=> self confidence and competence
=> ability to demonstrate superiority and dominance
=> bringing in more associates who stay as colleagues
=> larger network
=> bigger achievements
=> highly motivated to train and empower oneself cuz u da boss

perforated vinyl sheet glass house

a novel about competition and collaboration in a sci-fi senario of people racing to get their mind stored in immortality jars

the ultimate business strategy: play off of others' insecurity and false security

do we have a complete simulation of human hormone interaction system

need of being important v. need of being appreciated

experience v. expertise

the way of lowering potential energy: 道无所不在,水无所不利,避高趋下,未尝有所逆,善处地也;空处湛静,深不可测。

"the fanatic is perpetually incomplete and insecure" and thus uses uncompromising action and personal sacrifice to give meaning to his life

devil is more essential than the devine in fanaticism

plunger style (that sucks to the ceiling) lecture recording quadcoptor

there needs to be a picture book on higher mathematics definitions

it is fascinating to note how despite the many similar outlooks on life and relationships, I can feel so irrevocably disconnected with woody allen films.

would specialization necessarily bring out the 高出不胜寒

stupid flash game: spread "poop" over the walls of a sewer/tunnel system. give limited poop balls located at various places and you can manually moosh it to the wall. and you can solve mini puzzles from time to time to get guns to explode the poop balls around to make a huge mess.

spherical wheel drive vehicle using maglev technology [note from 2014: apparently some engr students did a similar thing (spherical wheels but no magnets) for a motored bike as their senior design and start-up a while back. don't know what that's turning out.]

ambient beat matching music player so that neighbors' loud bass can never bother you again

short story expanded on the novel ideas from "before midnight." Title: "( the human) conditions"
filled with pairs of contrasting "mental conditions" of extremely different characters e.g. thinking too far-ahead vs. nearsighted, remembers everything (bad) vs. super forgetful (of good things) vs. constant Deja-vu (captain hindsight). ......
and somehow plot twist at the end to show it was the same person (and everyone) all along

I'm a thief (of movies) and an idealistic BS generator

utilities of productive idiocracy
if the criminals cannot get their way easily due to the nonexistence of idiots with wanted products, then criminals will become smarter and smarter and make it harder for smart people to spot them.

rage comic concept:
sit in chair, working on computer
"it's so dark in here, I'm getting sleepy... gonna open the blinds."
blinds next to bed, can't reach
stand up and pull very hard
reaction force land on bed faceplant
"now it's just a perfect position to fall asleep, but it's so bright in here"

watching 朗朗 in this music production film/video, his great optism, confidence and passion made me think maybe my deire to contribute actually "impoartant" (in a way that I interpret) work to the world is more of a form of hubris and gluttony than being responsible. Because the fact is no matter how little I think of what his accomplishing is influencing our grand antropological struggle in this universe, he is definitely make a smedge of impact. And to think that what he's doing is not "important" or how I want to/ can be more "important" is no different than thinking I'm "better" and/or more "capable."

is there a correlation between people who can speak/write french well easily and geniuses at using complicated abstract mathematical concepts? To me, doing every single French hearing exercise on Duolingo is like doing a proof: you always have to use limited (and usually very subtle) audible clues to decipher what 300 other inaudible things that need to be written down... yet it's so logical and "obvious"

if you are sad enough, everything would become hilarious

what would happen if the "skin" of a fluid interaction surface moving along with the fluid? Assuming no slip condition, if there is two rotating core that arranges the wing like to tank tracks stitched up upside down next to each other, then we can reduce the fluid skin friction problem to a mechanical dry friction problem.... it's probably going to create more problems than the ones it solves, but should worth an experiment

my slow ascension to pure math left me with more "life" skills (e.g. prgm) than my avg. math colleagues

The one truth that holds for eternity is that nothing is eternal. (Only thing that does not change is change itself.)

we are just a bunch of tiny dots jittering on a slightly larger tiny dot circling a slightly larger one...

There are things that you enjoy greatly when you are doing it, but when you pause or finish, you say "fuck!" There are also things that you yell "fuck!" (maybe not out loud) continuously while doing it, but when you pause or finish, you say "yeah that's right. I've done it!"
The first brings you addiction, while the latter brings you achievement.

The problem is not that no one can be perfectly rational, but no one wants to be completely rational.

what follows extreme ecstasy is usually acute depression

it actually make sense natural selection -wise for more "stupid" people to procreate more often. With less intelligence, you are relying more on chance and luck that your offspring will grow and survive/succeed. With more intelligence, you are more confident that your offspring will become relatively sucessful thus you don't want/need to deal with the complications of having many children.

so I don't want friends that talks about meaningless bs like how many good booty they saw all day - there goes 30% - and I also don't want people who want things from me - another 30% - of course I also despise people who love math/science/history not - 10% more - then there are people among the rest who are generally awesome and have too many friends to care about me - minus 5% - finally the peeps that are extremely introverted - bye-bye 4% - now what's left is my pool of potential friends. I'm lonely. [note from 2014: I was definitely being too harsh on the BS statistics. but I also forget about their overlaps. oh well]

There are only two good traits that anything can have; either it's useful or it's beautiful.

learning about the technologies of "correlated magnetics" truly demonstrated how "think about small things deeply" can be very productive. [note from 2014: I have used the array of magnet arrangement when I was trying to hang heavy stuff on a fridge before. But I never got to generalize the idea.]

cynicism is the worst gift of intellect.

Change (always) comes from within. (came up when contemplating how impossible it would be for me to bring changes in Modern Chinese social structure; I'm an outsider now.)

you can learn the most from the people who are most dissimilar from you. Yet the natural, self-reassuring human tendency is to live among a similar group for protection.

write a passage/poem in the perspective of a "banished" fly. background: I heard a fly soaring in my room, natrualich it is very annoying and 我费劲心机 caught it in a cup. in the process I noticed that it has very slow reactions comparing to normal flies (many near-misses yet the fly did not dodge). so I conjucture he is relatively old. thus I decided to spare his life but being a humanist human I have to prioritize my own comfort, thus I repelled it (third R from Veep ha) to the balcony. long behold today I notice a fly just quietly hanging on the outside of the 纱窗 of my room, chillin' in sorrow. Thus I conjure again that it is the same old fly who think the "God monkeys" had banished him away from his "home" and powerless in finding a way back in, he quietly sits on the outside and watch and try to remember his childhood as a nat inside the room.

frankfurt school in sociology: enlightenment rationalism brings disenchantment to the world. in turn the world become modernized, bureaucratic, and secularized. but there seems to be an inherent humanistic desire for re-enchanting creeds ( which rings a bell with the concept of creating our own humanist emergent theory that is compatible with naturalism from Sean Carroll's talk).

wow, so I've seen at least 7.5 weeks continuous worth of films and have 12 days worth as my watchlist. [note from 2014: don't even want to think about how much tv I've seen]

are you ambitious and want to control shits? go explore and find new shits to claim! The ambitious type is precisely not the type you want to be in charge of old established shits.

Universities seek prestige rather than quality.
Universities choose professors the way some men choose wives -- they want ones that others will admire. [note from 2014: I do not think I wrote these]

the better a system is, the less drive for its improvement exists.

As Upton Sinclair noted long ago, “It is hard to get a man to understand something when he is being paid not to understand it.”

the true wisdom and beauty of Rip Vin Winkle is that it revealed the general incentive structure for all but especially cunning dishonesties. Personally I have just realized that I am a habitual lier on many respect. I lie about small and seemingly insignificant facts and I get people convinced by appealing to their self-interest rationally that (1) no one wants to believe a relatively arduous and "smart" and extremely candor person like me is being deceptive and (2) it would cost them too much should they try to figure out the content of my claims. I also lie to my parents from time to time (e.g. not message them and claim that I was too busy) without noticeable pushbacks for that it is their self-interests to believe that they have an honest son who's honest to them and doing what they want me to do (succeed in school/life).

alcohol does not make you lose control. it makes you to relinquish control.

the only weapon against human "depravity" is material "depravity"

wake of a body moving steadily in deep water is always 2arcsin(1/3) [note from 2014: whoo internet]

you can't not be afraid of what you don't understand; you can't not be afraid of what's more powerful than you
(birds on my balcony, me; me, murderous psychopath;...)

concentrate philanthropy, diversify investment: the key cause for the difference is that the former requires (and hopefully will be) building trust while the latter trust should be tangent (for rational beings in an ideal ownership-oriented world)

death of the romantic
shows the necessary victory of reason and the realistic. the unnatural but humanly attraction of romance, the wordless, ethos, da feels, and its death. with an ending where a son finally in all of silence at dawn, heard all of the trouble of the mother's day-ly troubles (or maybe they got into an argument earlier?) and saw the seasoned feet of her, wanting to give out a nice foot massage. yet the mother stopped him, rightfully so, for asking if he's hungry after all/for her athele's foot/for it is time for his medicine/for he needs to take a shower. And then the son quietly answered "not hungry", got up, washed hands, took pills, but silently sat down and went into thinking. background: the young son is sick, a strong proponent of reason, rationality over all else; the mother wants romance as every other human. the ending is meant for calling the dual nature that romance is in every human, but even the romantic goes for reason eventually.


(from 2011)
tested hypothesis: in finding a real-time sol'n of a quickly evolving dynamic system, only depth first search make sense. then smaller stepsize yields more precise result, and higher clock frequency results in better adaptability. Therefore moving like a penguin on crack (jerking really fast) is the quickest way to move through a huge crowd.
famous fish n' chip
jump jive and wail

it's pretty evident that my learning performance has been directly correspondent to how much I like the instructor. so with this relationship bijective, does me being horrible at self-studying an indicator that I hate myself?

i am so little but I want so big
I don't want to be specialists; they got the picks (for their expertise), but not the kicks (of diverse challanges).

Brownian Milkshake: (soy)milk with (coconut) brownie chunks
punny buns

isn't metaphor just a metaphorical simile?

Does finding something uninteresting (hate-able, resentful, disgusting) much easier than finding passion a proof making me a passimist/hater or everyone else?

sometimes the cheesiest thing is the easiest thing

historically speaking, the prevalence of patriarchal stage of civilizations could entirely be caused by the simplicity of manhood biologically speaking. [physical strength can only explain very brief periods of male dominance as most world leaders throughout history are not the man with biggest muscle (albeit probably have the biggest whips/armies)].
All that the (straight) men have is a desire to penetrate and impregnate. while on the other hand, [I believe] being a woman is much more complicated and exhausting biologically speaking (you have to have planning skills for weird shit of bleeding periodically. you got ALL the equipments for breeding offsprings. you got to experience great pain in doing so physically. you are more emotionally complex in find relationships. the list goes on and on). Thus the lack of complex purpose give men a lot more extra vigor to think about and do great (and stupid) things. With practice makes the perfect and Voila! men become secularly (yes this include religion... the inability to directly communicate to deity with proof makes it a human activity) more sophisticated.

hot fresh muffin/brownie with cold yogurt inside

does technology bestow mediocracy?

why more "intelligent/empathetic" person would be more likely to be sad/depressed than angry/full of hatred is that empathy and intelligency usually result more discerning qualities and make an individual to internalize tragedies/faults/guilt since nothing bad happen to a person without the person doing something (albeit could be tiny) wrong. The ones who are incapable of seeing through the cause and effect chain originated from self become the classical angry mob and turn to destruction of other rather than self-loathing. Ofc the real heros and the intellects would in turn move self-loathing into motivation for self-improvement, and become great instead of depressed.

there are only two ways to do good art: either you explain everything correctly or don't elucidate at all. Unfortunately only the first way is allowed in mathematics, but fortunately both are accessible to mathematician writing books. (mathematics is not art, but doing it or expressing it is.)

welcome \neq appreciation.

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power corrupts, but power enables

upon reading some material online on the subject of sociology (iron law of oligarchy, new "iron law of meritocracy", especially with topics on structural functionalism and anarcho-syndicalism), I cannot help but relate the success (if we would call it a success) of human race due to its centralization of power and specialization of functions comparing to all other surviving species on Earth. The key of understanding the drive for anarchy is the believe of power corrupts. However, if we would agree that human individuals are more successful than the equivalent of microorganisms, it is obvious that power also enables. more evidences can be seen as the achievements (both constructive and destructive) of totalitarianism is among the greatest of us. (note to self, explore the organization of apollo program as I assume it has been a success and does not seem totalitarian at first sight.) to be cont.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Inspirations during HBFSI

Motivations are based on the human relationship needs. Here in this essay, I have categorized these drives into the need to win competition (CP), to acquire friendship and to be trusted (therefore to trust) (FT), gaining control (of self or others) (CT), as well as the (notorious) sexual needs. A Freudian psychologist may even further argue that all non-sexual relationship needs are basis for obtaining a successful sexual relationship. Here, however, I would argue that the evolution of human civilization might have changed that situation.
From a caveman's perspective (hinting at non-intelligent beings), the ultimate evolutionary goal would be to survive and reproduce. FT provides a drastic increase of survival possibility by enabling formation of functional groups and specialization, thus could be selected over generation. Along with the formation of groups comes with the group dynamics: how to keep the individual (yourself) worthy to the group. Naturally, winners of competition and politics would be rewarded (much) more than the losers. As the group gains power over the outsiders (environment) to the point of where human civilizations' had stood thousands of years ago, the CP and CT would become even more important as the winners will almost certainly have better access to the group technology and services thus chances of survival. The processes of individual success' out-motivating the group survival, in my opinion, inaugurated the naive* motivations for war and crime.
The classical and contemporary theory of motivators in management researches separately concluded two groups of factor that intrinsically motivates employee: one set includes achievement, power, and affiliation; the other autonomy, master, and purpose. Both sets of motivators can also be seen as aggregated expressions of (my) three groups of wills for (non-sexual) relationship.
The first two cases of achievement and power correlates quite perfectly with the will to compete (CP) and will to control (CT). Although I would like to make the point that it does not seem to be a one-to-one mapping, i.e. there are elements of competition and attempt for control in both achievers and power-grabbers.
Studies had shown* that the majority of the population would be motivated by affiliation, i.e. preferences to work with people that they like over they don't. In my opinion, this greater general appeal of friendship and trust is the basis for the evolutionary success of human over other species. Traditionally, (as seen in the broader animal kingdom) the best collateral success lies within the best collaboration. It can be further examined when most people show their affiliation towards the complex and elegant ant-cities and bee-hives. (It is always effective to examine one's own characteristics by examining what one likes).
The pursue of mastery, as much as I disgust myself for it, is* driven mostly by a need to win competition and be unique. Maybe someone out there could stand up and justify in perfect confidence and integrity that they want to master something just to master the art; I could not. Memories still floats that I was shocked as my parents' friends' children of mastery of 古筝 as a result of years and years of tireless practices. That is still the most effective remedy to keep myself practice piano/keyboard every time (or envy of other young successful pianist and how I perceive myself as having not much less talent but just less determination). However, I would agree that there is a fundamental element of pursue of beauty that drives the progress of arts and (natural/mathematical) sciences within humanity. But this "art appreciation" will not drive mastery but just curiosity.
The need for autonomy, the most "shockingly" to the classical economists and rapidly implemented in industries all the way from Best Buy to Google today, is mostly a result of the will for control and trust (or friendship) along with the always presenting (but may vary in strength) ego. The ego component is greatly rewarded for differential and lateral thinking as higher diversity always yield highly diversified solutions (which may in turn contains a vary good one). The fundamental emotional factor, the will to control, contributes in the sense that every entity operates most fluently (not most efficiently) with self-governance. The need for being trusted also gives in as you need to perform well and not disappointing to make sure that you can get your trust over and over again (for exploitation in cases of evil).
Purpose, the overarching theme of today's play on motivation theory, is actually a combination of all the emotional factors I've discussed thus far. With enough friendship and trust (or love for hippies), one person, as a member of a group, will see a need to "do something worthy" in return to the group. It is also a result of competition (CP) and governance (CT) as to be the leader and winner of the group, you need an overarching goal that would unites the group further and bring the most the best.
As a abrupt conclusion as a result of need to finish a required 10 page meaningless paper (gosh, I would autonomy in college!), it is interesting to note that the societal rewards toward collaboration and innovation really had diversified and expanded our understanding of functional motivators in a group, to compete (竞争和特立), govern (自主与控制), and love (博爱而非狭隘).

--foot note:
Since the beginning of my contemplation, I had "discovered" that the generally short-lived but very strong power of well-organized religions can be predicted with the above discussed relationship motivator. To "prove" this point, I gave a simplified standard religion model/principles:
1. A belief in abstract entities that will give humanity purpose(s)
2. An expressed intention to spread this belief to "save" the suffered (non-believers)
3. Concrete practices that is deemed to be bring down the great purpose to a bite-size
4. the strongest form usually have a single (omnipotent) deified human figure
Within this model, every followers can satisfy a great portion of their relationship needs through the means of purpose fulfillment as they engage in missionary activities and cult practices. They can further satisfy their love/trust/affiliation need with the "brothers and sisters." The elimination of internal competition are usually transferred towards the non-believers. As a result, the only blocking factor for generic followers is the need to control as usually a hierarchy exists within strong religion. On the other hand, as I hinted above, I believe autonomy or the self portion of will to control is usually the inefficient but innovative (diversifying) factor of a group. As a result, a strong religion will produce monstrous power as their views are contemporary and promising and their processes are effective and efficient, but will die-off soon for not being able to adopt changes in the environment (not innovative) and lack of autonomy (this sounds like a strong culture! oh, management classes). One of the greatest success (and fail) story that I love (and most familiar with) is the play of "communism" flag by the CCP especially during the period of cultural revolution. They employed the exact principles that I just discussed towards the innocent people of China, who at the time needs a strong culture and never seen aggressive religion before. [If this comparison offended, please give me mercy. My knowledge of religion are not taught, but self-instructed. So it could be very, very biased.]

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Freedom free will

Freedom sometimes drives me nuts: I knew I wanted it, but I just cannot always handle it well; the sad part is there are many like me.