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nuclear engineering -- achieve the controlled nuclear fission
develop the cellular politics into a complete system

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cellular Politics

1st draft

Forced labor always produces highest efficiency. Punishing example: King Leopold II, cutting hands
Benefiting example: King Leopold II, hostage system (this works not for capturing the family of workers but promising returns (which would contribute to less stress and therefore less work in mind and therefore less entropy) after works.)
At the same time, every unit of life, in every level, is opportunistic.
Therefore, the existence of life is the seeking for least input while gaining largest output.
The efficiency is for only two types of work: organization of the environment (higher life level) and of themselves. As the organism does works on the environment, it picks up the entropy from the environment.
When the organism starts to please him/herself, a.k.a. relive stress or take rest, the entropy is pushing towards the units of life of the organism (lower life level).
However, resource is sacred; the universe has to maintain a balance.
As a compromise between nature and life, an one-day death is absolutely necessary.
The limitation of numbers of cell division that can be performed actually lasts the life of the lower level (cell itself) longer. Because cell has more value to an organism as they are not totipotent, organism cannot suffer the loss of them easily.
Line segment. each person is one vertex. The higher level of life exists on the connection of line part not on any vertices. The informational stage is more advanced than former societies b/c each person (vertices of the geometric shape of the society) is capable to form more connections than before. (less geographical restriction, more population)

animal-possibly only oligarchy
plants-possibly only socialism


communism does not have to be developed through socialism. The concept of communism should be applied wider. Communism actually should represent a state of indivisible union (definitely no human societies had achieved that yet) communism does not have to achieved in all the known universe at the same time. However, a small community is ONLY able to achieve communism AFTER A INDIVISIBLE UNION HAD FORMED. Unlike the idealists had tried hardly long time ago, in a true communism society, government could exist in communism (like all animal bodies had achieved). I need more experience and knowledge to analyze a more detailed and accessible model after truthfully understand the organization of a individual in biological terms. Even a better learned cell structure would help. Right now, as far as I understood and discovered, I think a communism society without a government exists b/c that every individual of that society has find a permanent (relative to one individual/change of the leaders) source of energy. Therefore, resources are no longer a concern of the general public. Each individual (like one cell in plants) can just grow in a certain way so that they all get the merits (therefore a Marxism communism is achieved). The only thing to hold them still as a union is that only united society can get more resources in general and specialization is needed to improve efficiency. For a communism society that contains a government, the most important role of one part of the government is to regulate social affairs so that making sure the energy is truthfully distributed as needed; the other part (like the cerebrum in human), is charged with a role of getting larger resources in the competition between different societies.
Also, in my opinion, I realized that a populous society should be easier to achieve communism rather than a less populous one. Because in a populous society, interactions between each individuals are inevitably more likely, therefore a tighter union is easier to be formed.
plant communism succeed b/c of the advance transportation system. The driving forces inside xylem is the water potential, similar for phloem. Isn't this an advanced categorized transportation system and a symbol of communism (you get what you need)?

***PROBLEMS Mar. 21th, 2010***
brain/government contains 2% weight of the body/population receives 15% of the cardiac output, 20% of total body oxygen consumption, and 25% of total body glucose utilization while skeleton muscles, accounting for 40%+ weight of body/populations uses only 18%+ energy avg. Energy distribution is regulated by part of the brain/government (probably not cerebrum).
          1st source:
I need to find out if it is true that the part of the energy consumed by brain/government is truthfully needed. If so, than we can say that human body is a communism society; if not, than communism cannot coexist with oligarchy.

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