Saturday, August 4, 2012

power corrupts, but power enables

upon reading some material online on the subject of sociology (iron law of oligarchy, new "iron law of meritocracy", especially with topics on structural functionalism and anarcho-syndicalism), I cannot help but relate the success (if we would call it a success) of human race due to its centralization of power and specialization of functions comparing to all other surviving species on Earth. The key of understanding the drive for anarchy is the believe of power corrupts. However, if we would agree that human individuals are more successful than the equivalent of microorganisms, it is obvious that power also enables. more evidences can be seen as the achievements (both constructive and destructive) of totalitarianism is among the greatest of us. (note to self, explore the organization of apollo program as I assume it has been a success and does not seem totalitarian at first sight.) to be cont.